At Olazi, we are surrounded by an unbeatable panorama. Orienting us towards the east, we find fantastic sunrises that slowly illuminate the majesty of the Peñas de Aia.

In the northwest, we see Mount Jaizkibel, the entrance to the port of Pasaia with the sea in the background on the horizon, the village of Errentería, and bird's eye view of the Oiartzun valley.

Finally, if we look towards the south and the west, we can see a completely green mountain, forest and meadow dotted with white herds of sheep and from where you can see incomparable summer sunsets.

The panoramic that surrounds us united to the relaxing silence of which we only wake up with the song of the birds, invites to the tranquility and to the interiorization in oneself. Moments of which, in many occasions, the routine of life, does not allow us to enjoy as often as we would like.

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